The Raven Cycle Reread: 1.30


Remember when I was like “hey I’ll be back to putting out chapters twice a week now?” Well, I lied. I’m always out here pretending college isn’t hard when really it’s designed to be hard, so, I’ve learned nothing. But that’s not news. Also, I’ve been rewatching Game of Thrones, which takes up the majority of my non-homework time, but I digress. Even though Arya Stark owns my ass, this is a Steifvater only zone.

Back to the (ir)regularly scheduled content!

If last chapter was all of the boys’s reactions about Noah being dead, this one is more about Blue’s. In short, she’s very upset. She has the most experience with spirits, seeing that every woman in her family talks to them all the time, but figuring out Noah’s dead has changed more than just her perception of him. He’s not able to pass for alive anymore, and he doesn’t hang out like he used to. This is sad! All they get is a phantom voice, or a shadow, or Ronan will get scratches on his body (of course Ronan is the only one who gets scratched, that’s like the most emo way to interact with a ghost). Blue’s takeaway from all of this is that she wants to find the person who murdered Noah and put him in jail to rot, and honestly? GO OFF BLUE. Find Whelk and make him SUFFER.

So anyways, beyond the new ghost situation, it’s Friday morning and Blue’s off to school. Calla’s left her a suspicious post-it note so she won’t forget about movie/snoop night, and while she’s grabbing it off the fridge Neeve decides to scare her by revealing that she’s been sitting at the kitchen table this whole time, wearing a shirt that’s the same color as the walls. Say what you want about the woman, but accessorizing with a literal house is a power move.

Blue’s trying very hard not to act suspicious, but Neeve has no personal boundaries and she’s already telling Blue she looks sad and she should have a reading. Blue is like, no, dude, I’m gonna go to school, but Neeve waves with her beautiful and graceful and also beautiful hands (have I mentioned how pretty her hands are? They’re very pretty) and get’s in Blue’s business anyway.

Neeve said to her back, “you’re looking for a god. Didn’t you suspect that there might also be a devil?”


Apparently death is an easy subject for Neeve to see, and she knew that Blue was touching death every time she went to see Noah. Then she goes even creepier, and tells Blue there’ll be more death before the journey’s done.

Thoughts and Feelings:

We all knew Neeve was creepy, but this is next level. Especially since this time she can’t blame it on some monster that took over while she was scrying. This was all Neeve and her stupid calm expression and her pretty hands and her lack of boundaries.

It’s a weird forshadowing that suggests Glendower’s the thing they’re looking for but he might not be the thing they find, and that’s kind of scary and would also probably suck for Gansey. Imagine if he gets to a tomb and it’s, like, an evil mummy in there. He’s looking for Glendower but someone other than the Welsh got there first, and not only does he not get his favor but he’s also cursed forever. That would suck.

This chapter’s pretty short, though, so there’s not much for me to feel about it besides sad that Blue’s sad, and weirded out by Neeve’s comments. So I’m basically just empathizing with Blue, which I’ve been doing throughout this whole novel, and probably will keep doing until the series is over. The end.

Best Character Moment:

Blue just kept thinking of the skull with its face smashed in, of Noah retching at the sight of the Mustang. Not throwing up. Just going through the actions of it, because he was dead.

She wanted to find whoever did this to him and she wanted him to fester in a cell for the rest of his life.

Best Turn of Phrase:

“I’m just warning you,” Neeve said. “Watch for the devil. When there’s a god, there’s always a legion of devils.”

Action: Absolutely no action. Just Neeve blending into a wall and foreshadowing some action. 5/10

Magic: Also no magic?? Or, maybe Neeve actively uses magic to creep on us, but I’m not counting it because I’m scared. 4/10

Comic relief: I guess I can laugh at the post-it note Calla left. Thanks for saving the day, you magnificent woman. 5/10

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