The Raven Cycle Reread: 1.42


This is a quick chapter that does some important work, so I have a feeling the summary is going to have an equivalent word count to the text it’s supposedly summarizing. Oh, well. It should be okay; I’m long winded, and if you haven’t realized that by now, have you been paying attention?

We start off with one of my favorite opening lines of all time:

Gansey woke in the night to find the moon full on his face.

The line isn’t as nice once it’s revealed that it’s not the moon at all, just streetlights. It turns out Noah is the one who woke up Gansey, by being ghosty and such. He has something to say but it takes a couple tries for Gansey to understand him.

He’s saying “Adam” (who, Gansey soon realizes, is gone). He wakes up Ronan and runs out into the parking lot to find the Camaro also gone. I have a couple of reactions to this: first of all, how dare you fuck with the Camaro. That car is the backbone of this story and I love everything about her. Second, the act of hotwiring a car is kind of, well, hot. It’s probably because I’ve been conditioned to fall in love with every chain smoking bad boy in every rom-com I’ve ever seen, but I stand by my statement. Adam’s hot because he can steal cars. That’s all.

Now we move back to the question of whether or not Adam’s decision really was a betrayal. Gansey’s answer is yes.

Gansey tried several different ways to think of the situation, but there wasn’t any way he could paint it that made it hurt less. Something kept fracturing inside him.

Ronan comes out of his room and he’s filled in by Gansey. We have to assume they’re only minutes behind Adam, and all headed to the same place. Let the games begin.

Thoughts and Feelings:

Here we go! More thoughts and feelings on a chapter that comes in just under two pages! These chapters really test my ability to ramble. There’s nothing to ramble about, but I’ll do my best anyways.

The first thing I have is a question: there’s a line of description that says the lights of Henrietta reflected off the clouds make the inside of Monmouth bathed in a “dull purple” light. Excuse me? What kind of street lights are purple? Is that something specific to Virginia? I’m usually a sucker for Steifvater’s descriptive imagery, but this one really had me confused. If you know what she means, please, let me know.

Moving on, I’d like to mention our boy Gansey. We know he’s an insomniac who, instead of sleeping, makes houses out of cereal boxes. But instead of getting mad when Noah wakes him up from a rare episode of sleep, he’s the most polite and gentle boy ever. When Noah makes the hair on his arms raise uncomfortably, he apologizes and asks if Noah can speak a little louder.

This is PEAK GHOST ETIQUETTE. I’m obsessed with my beautiful and courteous boy and I don’t care who knows it.

I just spent about two weeks drafting, workshopping, and revising a ghost story for my creative writing class (which I am done with, by the way! I turned in my final papers for all three of my classes!!!! Go me!!!!!), so I hold a very special place in my heart for people who are nice to ghosts. It’s not their fault they’re dead and lacking some humanity. They just need a little love!

The last thing I want to talk about is this quote:

Gansey didn’t want to say it. If he said it out loud, it was real, it had really happened, Adam had really done it. It wouldn’t have hurt if it was Ronan; this was the sort of thing he’d expect from Ronan.

Excuse me. Why is everyone always shitting on Ronan? Just because he pretends to be an asshole all the time doesn’t mean he’d hotwire your car and go perform a creepy ritual without telling you. If he was going to steal your car, he’d take the keys. He’d also tell you straight up that he was going to perform the ritual and tell you to fuck off if you tried to stop him. Ronan is full of defiance and disregard for the rules, true, but he’s not sneaky and quiet while he’s breaking them.

Well, that’s all. Thanks for listening.

Best Character Moment:

Gansey tried several different ways to think of the situation, but there wasn’t any way he could paint it that made it hurt less. Something kept fracturing inside him.

Best Turn of Phrase:

The roar of the engine was probably what had woken Gansey in the first place, the moonlight merely a memory of the last time he’d been woken.

Action: Meh. 6/10

Magic: Not only was Noah a scary ghost boy, but Gansey was a polite living boy! We have the magic of the ley line and the magic of good manners all wrapped into one chapter. 8/10

Comic Relief: Really nothing funny here, but it’s hard to fit jokes and action into less than two pages. 3/10

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