The Raven Cycle Reread: 1.48


We’re here, folks! THE LAST CHAPTER!!! I’m going to be all sentimental about it in the thoughts and feelings section, don’t worry. I’ll put it at the end so you can skip it if you want.

This chapter finesses a nice time transition by taking us right to Noah’s funeral where, after a couple weeks of detective work, they give his bones to his family to bury. In that time, everyone finished school successfully, Gansey shed a little bit more of his good boy image by quitting the rowing team, and Adam got his own apartment above a church.

We also learn that Neeve disappeared because Calla, Persephone, and Maura snuck into her room and moved her mirrors around. Which sounds a little bit like psychic bullshit, but that’s characteristic of Blue’s family. But other than that, everything is right with the world:

And slowly their lives found an equilibrium, though it didn’t seem they’d ever return to normal. The ley line was awake and Noah was all but gone. Magic was real, Glendower was real, and something was starting.

After that beautiful quote Steifvater takes us right to Blue’s funeral OOTD. I don’t know why Gansey is judging her when he and Ronan both showed up in designer suits, but hey. At least her T-shirt dress DIY has black lace on it. It’s mourning-chic, get off her back. And it’s not like she’s planning on going to talk to Noah’s grieving family, right? That would be crazy.

But when Noah asks you to do something—no, begs you—you do it. So even though Gansey grabs her arm (alert! arm touch alert!) and she’s going to embarrass herself, she’s going to go tell the Czerny family what Noah told her to say: he’s sorry for drinking his mother’s birthday schnapps. Blue and Noah’s relationship is underappreciated and deserves more love, and this feels like a good time to say it.

Anyways, Blue walks up to the family and says her mother is a psychic. It wasn’t the best way to introduce herself, but the minute she relays Noah’s message his mother starts crying and she exits as gracefully as possible. Until, of course, everyone leaves and they start to dig up Noah’s bones.

Here’s the thing: of course Ronan lounged on the hood of his BMW while everyone else worked. Of course Gansey thought nothing of renting a literal backhoe to do the gravedigging. And of course Adam miraculously knows how to use it. After all that work, they rebury Noah’s bones behind the old church so they’re on the ley line. They get their friend back, we get our favorite boy back. Everybody wins.

“No,” Noah protestet, around Blue’s arm. “I’m serious. This place creeps me the hell out. Can we go?”

Gansey’s face broke into a relieved, easy grin. “Yes, we can go home.”

“I’m still not eating pizza,” Noah said

But this wouldn’t be a Maggie Steifvater novel without one good cliffhanger to end it all, and here it is: remember that baby bird that appeared out of nowhere? Her name rhymes with Slainsaw? Yeah, she didn’t exactly come from “nowhere.” Ronan took her out of his dreams.

Stiefvater really does love her zingy endings. Good thing we don’t have to wait for the next book… NEW DREAM THIEVES CHAPTER NEXT WEEK!

Thoughts and Feelings:

Whew. It really has been a wild ride. I’ve carried this book with me in my backpack every single day of 2019, and so far it’s been a pretty eventful year. Having some Raven Boys as constant companions wasn’t the worst thing I could’ve done.

As for this chapter as an ending, I’m glad this was the loose end that got wrapped up. I forgot about Noah. You forgot about Noah. We all feel terrible about it, and we’re very happy that he got the ending he deserved. It’s also important that we find out one of the main characters has superpowers. Okay, maybe they’re not under the traditional definition of superpowers, but when you can make a bird appear when there wasn’t anything there before? That’s super.

I guess I’m just excited for a new narrative. Not that it’s going to be all that different from this one, really. We get new points of view and a new Whelk-ish antagonist (although this new guy is better, I promise). We also get breakups and new love and better magic. We get more visits to Cabeswater. We get a hell of a lot more Persephone, which is a win for everyone.

There are a lot of people who have read The Raven Cycle and say that Dream Thieves is their favorite book. These people are the types that, when they hear the name Ronan, call him “my baby” and insist that he needs protection from all things bad and scary. He really doesn’t. I mean, he is (as established) a soft boy, but he’s not in need of any sort of protection. All this is to say that Dream Thieves is Ronan’s book. And people love Ronan.

Dream Thieves is not my favorite. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s Raven Boys, because I’m loyal and I read it first. What I’m trying to get across, though, it that you should be excited for the next book. If you love Dream Thieves half as much as everyone else does, this is going to be a fun six months.

Excelsior. Onwards, and upwards.

Best Character Moment:

When they ran back to the BMW, breathless and giddy with their crime, Ronan told Gansey, “This will all come out and bite you in the ass, you know, when you’re running for Congress.”

“Shut up and drive, Lynch.”

Best Turn of Phrase:

Ronan, still in the ruins, looked over his shoulder at them. In the dim light of the flashlights, the tattooed hook that edged out above his collar looked like either a claw or a finger or a fleur-de-lis. It was nearly as sharp as his smile.

Action: A grave robbery occurred. Blue ruined a funeral. It was wild. 9/10

Magic: Noah used the power of love to turn Blue into the Long Island Medium. 8/10

Comic Relief: The fact that I can say the Gangsey relayed a message from beyond the dead and then robbed a grave all in one chapter is objectively funny. They’re teenagers. Why is nobody monitoring the hilarious shit they do? 11/10

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