life update, I guess

So here’s the fun part about doing book reviews and rereads: they’re purely for me, and I can write whatever I want. Here’s the not so fun part: there are lots of other things in my life that I don’t do for fun, and that have deadlines that aren’t self imposed. That said, here are some updates of things I’ve been doing in the past couple weeks to justify why I haven’t put up a chapter review in a piping hot minute.

attending school

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this ten times or seventy but I am in fact a college student. I took three classes this summer and while they were all fun for vastly different reasons, they were also hard and took time and attention to pass. That, and a lot of coffee.

(this is a picture of a rock magnified about 100x, which I had to learn to analyze. that was fun. )

I took a class on rocks, one on love poetry, and one on classical mythology. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time picking dirt out from under my fingernails and thinking about Percy Jackson. More mythological content to come shortly.

(please print this out and put it in every copy of the iliad that you can find)

My professors were lovely and even though they gave me plenty of time to do my assignments and plenty of snacks to eat while I did them, I still procrastinated until the last minute and thus was unable to write anything about our lovely Gangsey because I was too busy writing about Petrarchan sonnets

(they were the fancy kind from trader joe’s. professors are the real heroes pass it on)

making memes

In order to procrastinate the aforementioned schoolwork, I spent a lot of time on Canva making memes. Most of them were about life in general, but a few were literature related and I spent a surprising amount of time on them.

(and i oop but make it austen)

trying my best to have a social life

The last thing I did this summer instead of writing blog posts was doing my best to have a life! I spent time with friends and went to the beach and tried not to have more than one mental breakdown a week. I’m happy to report that I was mostly successful, even when I gave in to my weaknesses and ordered Dominoes at work and it took 30 minutes to get there.

(adventures of an orange)

So that’s a nice little life update. I know I’m a book review blog but, I don’t know, I wanted to do a debrief. It’s more for me than for anyone who’s reading this, if I’m being honest. Enjoy the pictures!

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