life update (again)

I know that I literally posted one of these a little while ago, but in that time I have traveled 3200 miles and crossed one (1) ocean in order to start my semester abroad in Ireland! So this whole new country new culture new taste of Guinness thing has me pretty busy, and I don’t have the motivation to write anything fun. Just a disclaimer, if that’s what you came here for.

I’ve been spending the majority of my food money at the secondhand book shop across the river, which is basically a library with the late fees up front. Or at least, that’s what I’m telling myself. But other than that I haven’t been doing many things with books, since a lot of the new young adult stuff that I would get from my library at home and then endeavor to review here hasn’t made its way up to the secondhand section of the bookstore, and I’m simply not willing to buy anything new, so instead of doing that I thought I’d start a little travel series!

I’ve been to a bunch of places in Ireland already, since I’m trying to travel mostly within the country, but I will be traveling more as the term goes on. If I like writing about places I’ve been, I’ll do more, and if I don’t, then I’ll stop doing them altogether. Either way, you’ll see whatever I can manage to put together and either you’ll like it or you won’t. That’s how it goes.

To start with something easy, I’m going to tell you about Dublin! Yay, Dublin.

I live in a small apartment with people from my college that’s like a 25 minute walk from most of the fun places in the city. That means I end up taking the bus a lot, which I would like more if I hadn’t been in the splash zone of a rogue lad as he threw up last night. That’s university, I suppose.

(This is Dame Street. It has pretty red buildings and pedestrians with no sense of personal space and wheely bags.)

As a human being, the most important things I do are eat and sleep. I’m not going to show you where I sleep because (a) I don’t think you care and (b) it’s not clean right now, but I WILL show you a meal that I cooked! I made twice baked potatoes and salad for my whole apartment and although it’s not the best looking meal, it tasted good and I made it with love, so. We’re calling it a win.

(I bought this plate for a single euro and I’m so in love with it that I want to take it home. Will it fit in my suitcase? We’ll find out!)

Other than that, pretty much all I do is walk around, go to class, buy groceries, and visit museums. And buy books I can’t afford, but my dad reads this blog, so I’m going to try and stop mentioning it. Someone take away my tram card, and I’ll stop going across the river to buy literature, but until then… I’m an ocean away, who’s going to stop me?

(Pictured above is my fun shopping list, a street I don’t know the name of, an aesthetically pleasing bookshelf at my favorite bookstore, and the weird architectural juxtaposition right outside the Chester Beatty Library)

To finish off this lovely life update, I’d like to say that I’m doing all right! Certainly missing Cool Ranch Doritos, but everything else has been okay, and I’ve been making do with Salt and Vinegar Taytos. Be back with another chapter update soon!

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